Introduction to Open-Ended Play

Introduction to Open-Ended Play

You may be noticing countless images on your social media feed showing off shelves lined with wooden toys. They may seem strange to you at first, but these sustainable toys are a hit with kids and are more durable and last longer than plastic - not to mention they are less harmful to the environment!

Open-ended play allows your child’s imagination to run wild with simple materials that they can use in creative ways. Remember buying them that expensive toy you thought for sure they’d love and instead they go for the box? 

Kids are naturally curious and when we allow their imaginations to take them wherever they want to go they are able to develop a sense of wonder and amazement with no limits in the world around them.

Here are Lil’ Tulips' best-selling brands to bring home to your family. 

Grapat and Grimms

Grapat is a cherished brand that was created to inspire children to play slowly with no time limits and restrictions. Grimms is best known for their rainbows of all sizes that can be configured in interesting stacks and variations. Both are handmade with all-natural material and dyes reflect the time honored craftsmanship that makes them. These items go quickly as soon as they are stocked so make sure to sign up for the product notifications on the website. Shop the imaginative worlds of Grapat here and Grimms here


These adorable wooden toys take children’s natural wonder of animals to the next level. They can be stacked on top of one another and used to create fun scenes of whimsy. From farm animals to ones that can only be found in tropical paradises, Holztiger are the perfect pals to keep your child entertained. Shop the collection here.


These colorful magnetic puzzle pieces are not just for children, adults love them too! There are endless ways to create with them from building dinosaurs to castles - it’s easy to get carried away. You can also combine sets to create ramps and marble mazes which is the perfect family project to work on together. Shop the kits here.

Wobbel Board

These wooden boards may seem simple at first glance but they are an all-in-one jungle gym! They promote the development of gross motor skills, creativity and muscle strengthening. They are made from sustainable woods with water-based paints and varnishes and felt made of recycled materials. Your child’s imagination will grow as they do, making this a worthwhile investment for years to come. Check out Wobbel Boards here

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